My brothers, The Assembly has been Unit 1 : Lesson-1 Model Question 2023 PDF

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My brothers, The Assembly has been Unit 1 - Lesson Unit-1: Lesson-1 Model Question 2023 PDF

My brothers,
The Assembly has been called into session on the 25th of March. But the blood spilled on our
streets has not yet dried. About the 10th of this month, I have told them: Mujibur Rahman won't join
the Round Table Conference because that would mean wading over the blood that has been shed.
Although you have called the Assembly into session, you'll have to listen to my demands first. You'll
have to withdraw Martial Law. You'll have to return all army personnel to their barracks. You'll have
to investigate the way our people have been murdered. And you'll have to transfer power to the
representatives of the people. It is only then that I'll decide whether we will take our seats in the
Assembly or not. I don't want the Prime Ministers office. We want the people of this country to have
their rights. I want to state clearly that from this day Bangladesh's courts, magistracies, government
offices and educational institutions will be shut down indefinitely. So that the poor don't have to
suffer, so that my people don't have to go through hardships, all other things will be exempted from
the General Strike from tomorrow. Rickshaws, horse carriages, trains, and launches will be allowed
to move. Only the Secretariat, the Supreme Court, the High Court, Judges' Court, and semi-
government organizations such as WAPDA will not be allowed to work. On the 28th employees will
go and collect their salaries. If their salaries are not paid, if another bullet is fired, if my people are
shot dead again, I request all of you: convert every house into a fort; confront the enemy with
whatever you have. And even at the risk of your life, and even if I am not around to direct you, shut
down all shops and make sure that traffic on all roads and ports are brought to a standstill. If need
be, we will starve to death, but we'll go down striving for our rights.

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